March 05, 2018

Why great visual design matters for your Website Digital Experience

A user takes only 2 to 6 seconds to decide whether he is going to continue browsing your website or lose interest and move on to something else that captures his interest. In the era of digital revolution, websites play a vital role in enhancing business by connecting to new customers from all over the world. Apart from the business aspect, it is important to understand why you need a good design and how to go about creating one.

Try a simple test – think of something you need additional information on, search for it on Google and click on a link that looks like it will have the answers for you. On that website, how long does it take you to find the information you’re looking for?  Is it quick and easy or is it difficult?  Is it obvious how to navigate the site and move from section to section?

If you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily, it means the website has been designed well, with usability in mind.

Understanding how crucial the role of web design is in the success of your business, you also need to keep in mind that you should be associated with a web design company that is not just cost effective but a company that is reliable, understands your business and provides quality service to their partners.

The Internet is a playground where everyone wants to create an identity to be spoken off; the idea should be not just to have a presence on the web but also to create an impact on the end user.

In other words, we want our audience to have an ongoing relationship with us. The engagement comes naturally only when we build a good relationship with the customer. To build a strong relationship you need to create trust and it is this trust that can give you a sustainable results.

How to create Trust using Design:  

Companies should be concentrating on creating a story behind every website and hence creating an emotional connect with the customer.

If you are able to express your company’s culture to the world out there, it makes an immediate connect and a want to be a part of such an organization either as a customer or an employee (helps on you both fronts).

It’s just like an experience that you share with a friend when you like a restaurant; you refer if you like it, which makes you an evangelist for the company

With the development of the virtual world, we have the habit of looking at visually delightful websites, we tend to trust websites that are good in design and navigation. Based on this trust, we build potential customers to become clients

If you look at the other way around, if the first impression is not good it may take longer than expected to get the client on board.

Sometimes we get so lost in the technical world and keep spooning numbers like page views, dwell time etc., we tend to forget the fact that on the other side we have another human interacting with us.

Just imagine receiving a brand new phone in a plastic bag!!! Would that make you feel special? I don’t think so!! On the other hand, if you received the same phone in a stylish glass box with branding on both sides of the panel, with an instruction kit, a welcome guide, an extra pair of charging kit, branded headphones and a phone cover.  I am sure that you will feel different. It’s because you feel special, you receive a product. The same example can be translated to the Digital World, if you see a website with a confusing design, you will never return to it ever again. In short having a great design is inevitable.

What constitutes a great digital design experience?

The first and foremost thing that you need to do while creating an amazing design is to keep technology in the back seat.

  1. Keep your customer in the driving seat. There is a lot of technology available and a lot of good to have tools that can be used , the point is to use the design that your user understands , something like what Apple did (Apple has the most simplest user interfaces and the most complex technology )
  2. User Experience: Giving all the options available and expecting the user to navigate and consume your website is highly unlikely to happen. Make sure the user experience is dummy proof.
  3. Emotional Connect: Create value by adding a story and emotional connect with the consumer. Personalizing content for a consumer would be a delight to him.

How can you achieve great design too?

Ask these simple questions to yourself before getting to work

  1. What is the objective of my website?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. What do I want to show to my users?
  4. How will I benefit from the features that I intend to put up?

To sum it up, keep the basics in place when creating a web design

  1. Visual Delight
  2. The simplest navigation
  3. Personalization
  4. A story to tell

It’s all about a feel good factor and a long lasting impact. Once the user feels good he will ensure that you get all the exposure.

So don’t jump to marketing your website before giving the right feel to your website. The difference lies in being able to stand out from the clutter with a design and layout that the end user perceives to be great, giving that feeling of wow or that aha moment when you know you’ve captured his attention.

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