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  • Proctor and Gamble - Improving retail sales performance and customer Brand experience.

    We established a comprehensive Digital relationship with the Proctor and Gamble team in the Middle-East region, focused on improving the performance of their promotional sales-force and enhancing the Brand Experience for their customers. Using Strategy, UX/UI Design and Digital Brand Automations we were able to put together a mobile and web experience that automated tasks, removed legacy processes for their retail-sales force, enhanced customer Brand experience and resulted in a leap-frog performance.

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  • ODeX - Improving the digital payment experience in the shipping industry through strategy and design.

    One of our favourite engagements focused on defining the core philosophy for their digital product ODeX and what it means to their customers. More than 15,000 Businesses use ODeX on an everyday basis to get their logistics and shipping done. The task was to remove the friction of approvals and legacy processes, discovering what the brand could deliver to customers through a website platform, free from the concern of restraints.

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