The Background

Committed to the user experience

Esfera and Aster (E&A) is a IT solutions company dedicated to giving the shipping industry access to high-quality solutions that are cost-effective. This is a brand whose story is based on a mission to succeed through a commitment to offer practical, user friendly and deliver measurable ROI to all their clients.. We established a design relationship with the EandA team, focused on working together on their digital product offering, OdeX. Through designing the UX, UI and the product details, we have concentrated on bringing a better experience to the user.

Services Provided:
  • UX Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • UI and Graphic Design
  • Product Management

The Story

The future of digital document management and payments

The foundation of our relationship with EandA has been built on exploring what’s possible. One of our favourite engagements focused on defining the core philosophy for their digital product ODeX and what it means to their customers. More than 15,000 Businesses use ODeX on an everyday basis to get their logistics and shipping done. The task was to remove the friction of approvals and legacy processes, discovering what the brand could deliver to customers through a website platform, free from the concern of restraints.

Brand Identity and UI Design

Establishing a new design language & standards

The new creative direction is distinctively ODeX: simple, streamlined, beautiful. Together, we established a vision that uses digital services to improve processes, a faster process delivered through a human-centric user experience that brings together commerce, content, and community. Our vision enabled the EandA team to take people on a journey, from Connecting stakeholders to Manage their workflow, and Collect Payments, and all from one online platform. Our UX and design direction brings human qualities to digital too, bringing in utilities that respond to the user’s needs, that manages exchanging a multitude of shipping documents. In the challenges of ensuring that payments reach the right beneficiary, at the right time, in the right places.

UX Design

Multiple user journeys

Directed towards accountants, logistics and even challan boys at shipping counters, our digital product experience is designed for multi-user journeys users who are not tech-savvy. The design structure alters between simple, detailed, and advanced, ensuring we’re serving the user based on their type and behaviour. Through a research-proven approach, we created an experience that works, looks, and feels like a breeze.

  • User Experience Design and Creativity redefined. These guys offer a unique approach to every aspect of design and the result is simply stunning. Anand Raman - Esfera and Aster.