Prototyping & Design

Stealth Hospitality

A startup reached out to us with an idea they wanted to roll out and through detailed conversation and consultation, Argience helped flesh out the business vision further, define user journeys better and create communication and design interactive prototypes for web and mobile.



  • Digital Product Strategy
  • Product Feature Definition
  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Interactive Prototype

Currently in STEALTH MODE.


Tell us about Argience’s contribution to you and your company.

Argience has been a great partner for us from the very beginning. We are a stealth recreational hospitality startup in the Middle East and worked with Argience closely on all aspects of Product Strategy, Branding, Design and Technology Initiatives.

Using their proprietary LUCID Framework, they have been able to identify and converge our Brand, Business and user goals.

The Argience team helped us define our Brand, simplify and express easily who we are and what we stand for. From our Brand Identity, they worked with us to craft the experience, identity and messages that would build us as a modern Digital Brand and express us in clearly, genuinely, in fresh ways.

For our product strategy and UX/UI design, they focused on our users from the start, and through strategic thinking, designed the user experience of our web and mobile applications in a way that focused on the customer needs and experience and most importantly ensuring that every interaction reflected our brand and its promise.

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