Digital Prototyping & Design

Our prototyping process helps you quickly turn your product concepts into functional prototypes

Quickly test your product ideas and have MVPs rolled out to your audience in weeks, not months


We design wireframes & build prototypes for your products

A prototype is a quick and cheap way to simulate a product experience in order to test new ideas, initiatives and reduce risks.

Our clients use prototypes for exploring possibilities or validating their product ideas. Very often our deliverables are part of a brief or project specification for people who continue with production work.

Once you have very basic idea for your digital product or feature, we help you visualise it – we deliver user flow map, design wireframes for every screen or develop interactive prototype that you can test with your customers.

We design and prototype anything for web, desktop, mobile, TV, VR or any other smart device. Together we can iterate on small interactions in your product, through screens, flows, transitions to whole product experiences. Prototype fidelity is determined by your needs – low, mid or high.

Prototypes can be really close to the final product with all of the features that will be included when the product is launched. This helps refine flows and experience without building the product.

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What we deliver

WireFrames and User Flows

We visualise your ideas and design detailed wireframes for your app or web according to your brief. Then we outline the structure and screen dependencies with user-flow map


Once you have wireframes and user-flows established, we make them interactive by creating clickable prototype. Very often you won't be able to tell the difference between our prototype and real app


An MVP is a simplified product to reduce risk, validate assumptions and increase chances of success with your customers. With an MVP, we help you kickstart your business to launch it publicly faster and get first traction as early as possible


Sample Timeline

Social Network (MVP)

Scoping: 1 week
Wireframing: 1 week

Development : 
3 weeks

Testing: 1 week
Optimizations : Ongoing

CRM Design (Wireframe & Userflows)

Scoping: 1 week

WIreframing: 2 weeks

Mockup: 3 weeks


Be it Digital experiences, Digital product strategy or design,  we have assisted startups, SMB's and Enterprises globally build their Digital future

Prototyping & Design

Designing interactive prototypes for web & mobile app for the client to test with customers

Prototyping & Design

Delivering product strategy, wireframes, user-flows & design MVP to flesh out ideas & reach market faster for traction

Strategy & Innovation

New product development for a hi-tech company

Strategy & Innovation

Implementing Product Lifecycle Management for a technology company in the storage space

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