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Equipped with diverse experience across companies of different sizes, we help strengthen your Business-Brand-User alignment to deliver successful Digital experiences and products

We are not your typical agency or consultant. We work as a team within your team


9 in 10 digital initiatives remain unsuccessful because of failure to integrate technology with Brand, Business and User goals

As an agency enabling better digital futures for companies, we meet organizations of different sizes across the world. Our discussions are generally about how to use the power of technology and branding to increase business and market leadership.

As we spend many hours understanding their business, one thing has always stood out for us. Whether it's the executive of a multi-billion dollar company, a family run business or a start-up founder, 3 out of 4 of them failed to answer this basic question.

How good is the digital strategy and product management implementation in your company? 

Shockingly 3 out of every 4 executive said they didn't know and 2 out of 4 said that they had no formal product management implemented in their company.

To reduce failure rates and to deliver digital experiences and products that attract, engage and delight customers, we built a proprietary approach - LUCID - to scientifically direct design and development of digital software with the aim achieving convergence of business goals, user needs and brand function.

LUCID combines formal business analysis, systems design, ethnography, A/B testing and persuasion architecture to create a whole new approach to creating digital products.

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What we deliver

Digital Product & Design Strategy

More than 80% of digital technologies are never used. More than 85% of design interactions fail to achieve their goals. More than 5 trillion dollars each year are lost due to sub-optimal design interactions.

Argience's LUCID framework enables design for impact by delivering intuitive interactions to users with easier learning curves. This results in seamless consumer interactions, reduces friction and increases engagement,
improving overall performance and reducing failure rates.

Digital Enterprise Transformation Strategy

Research shows 88% of companies are undergoing some form of digital transformation. Most fail because there is no organizing force in the firms to integrate offline and online strategies.

Using LUCID, we give you insight, the science and frameworks used by innovative ground-up digital companies to successfully tranform your enterprise and bring your brand into the digital age.

Product Lifecycle Management Consulting & Implementation

Informal Product Life Cycle (PLC) Management Process can cost a business 20X more.

Based on the role of digitization in a company's strategic goals, a company needs to select a clear direction for tech development. If digitization is strategy (business model), then it requires to build innovation capabilities. If digitization is an enabler, then it needs to fine tune tech integration capabilities. If digitization is only for productivity, then it needs to outsource technology development completely.

Using LUCID, we implement a formalized product development and lifecycle management processes into organizational strength for rapid deployment and seamless scale up.


Sample Timeline

Digital Product & Design Strategy

Discovery & Competitive Analysis : 2 weeks

Strategic Directions Development: 2 weeks

Strategy Definition and Documentation: 2 weeks

Digital Enterprise Transformation Strategy

Brand Socialization Strategy: 3 weeks

Cloud Business Strategy: 3 weeks

Enterprise Analytics & Mobilization : 6 weeks

Product Lifecycle management consulting & Implementation

Business & Market Requirements: 4 weeks

Product & Technology Requirements: 4 weeks

Roadmapping & Marketing Strategy: 4 weeks


Be it Digital experiences, Digital product strategy or design,  we have assisted startups, SMB's and Enterprises globally build their Digital future

Prototyping & Design

Designing interactive prototypes for web & mobile app for the client to test with customers

Prototyping & Design

Delivering product strategy, wireframes, user-flows & design MVP to flesh out ideas & reach market faster for traction

Strategy & Innovation

New product development for a hi-tech company

Strategy & Innovation

Implementing Product Lifecycle Management for a technology company in the storage space

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