3 out of 4 executives failed to answer this basic question

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August 28, 2019
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Are you a Senior Business Executive with a deep desire to be better than others in the market?

In the recent month, we have met many Senior executives serious about winning in the marketplace. Our meetings are generally about how to use the power of technology and branding to increase business and market leadership. As we spend many hours understanding their business, one thing stood out for us.

Whether it was the executive of a multi-billion dollar company, a family run business or a start-up founder, 3 out of 4 of them failed to answer this basic question.

How good is product management in your company?

Shockingly 3 out of every 4 executive said they didn't know. Shockingly 2 out of 4 said that they had no product management implemented in their company. Just to show you how serious this is, imagine 3 out 4 products you are buying each day is made by companies that have no idea how to make a good product. Is it any surprise about 90% of technology projects fail?

Implementing good product management is not easy.

While product management is critical to making winning products, it is easier said than done. Good product management not only requires great leadership at the top, it also requires talent and experienced employees at every level. Sound product management practices utilize a disciplined process combining creative and analytical tools to identify product features that can truly delight users.

If you are a leader who is serious about winning and wishes to belong to the 25% class of executives who are on top of this game, Argience can help.

At Argience, our 30 plus years of combined experience offer an easy way to develop ground breaking products using the best in class product management processes so you quickly get the benefits of superior product management. No matter what industry you are in, whether it is product or service, Argience is equipped to deliver results. In recognition of this, Argience was awarded as a top strategic design agency - Digital & Marketing strategy, Branding and User Experience design at the Clutch global awards in 2019.

Call us today at: +91-9987105505 to discuss how you too can benefit from our expertise or simply write to us at biz@argience.com with your questions or concerns on product management.

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