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Branding Strategy, Identity Design, Guidelines
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Project Overview

EAPRO Global was at a crossroads in its history. Their consumers and their needs were evolving. Markets were becoming more complex. Competition was intensifying - locally across consumer segments- and their traditional capabilities were being challenged.

These also brought exciting challenges and opportunities to seize upon. EAPRO needed a new Brand Strategy and Identity that reflected their business innovations and showcased their Brand better to international customers.

Since 2016
Electronics & Manufacturing
Roorkee, India
Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Guidelines

Establishing a new Brand Strategy, Design language & standards

Argience’s research into the business found deep brand values that would make the Brand relevant to customers and that were credible & attainable.

This evolved into a flexible Brand Strategy & Brand elements that allowed EAPRO to embrace the new "Empowering Lives Globally" promise approach.

The refreshed Branding enabled EAPRO to continue forward into the future with great confidence in its exciting, experience-oriented brand.

"Argience's approach to research, strategic thinking & sense of design has helped EAPRO grow tremendously."
- Jagdeep Chauhan

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