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Project Overview

Software@Work has been in the software industry for more than 20 years. Before they contacted Argience, their Business was facing difficulties due to very little Brand differentiation and weak misaligned marketing and sales initiatives.

Working with Argience set a strong Brand foundation and a new direction for Software@Work along with creating a Digital Technology path that aligned the Marketing funnel to accelerate the Brand to clients. This helped them build a strong competitive edge and the ingredients of success for a strong future.

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Mumbai, India
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Brand Research & Strategy

Software@Work product sales business centered around the sales of Tally products. Their primary audience were accountants at various SME’s and purchases happened primarily due to telesales and, secondarily, relationships with the CEO for repeat sales.

Over the years, the Tally license business had become commoditized as hundreds of unorganized competitors were offering similar products and services at low prices. Part of this had been a consequence of  Tally’s distributor and partner model. Although Software@Work had been a 5star Tally partner and created service offerings around Tally, it hadn't added to the Business model or revenue model significantly as it was an incremental effort and position.

Software@Work’s strength, as we discovered, lay in the fact that they had built relationships with multiple software vendors. They also had commenced building a network of hardware vendors that could be beneficial to reach out to SME’s and their target audience in a scaleable manner for their new software products division.

Argience along with the client management team, arrived at the consensus that by capitalizing on the new strengths, there could be a potential Brand positioning around the Software Product Discovery for SME’s across India that could create a strong Brand for Software@Work for the foreseeable future.

The new Brand strategy & the creative communication addressed two major concerns of the new target audience, reduced anxiety & trust issues and restructured the sales organization to have consulting-first approach than a sales based approach towards the new target audience.

Charting a new Digital journey for the new Brand

Post the new Brand strategy, the process of bringing the new Brand to life commenced.

While bringing the new Brand to life, Argience ensured that the new position, personality, brand levers and brand statements were included, highlighted and consistent in every Brand asset.

The Argience team conceptualized and built a software recommendation engine (SoftwareHunt) that would help a potential client input problems and Software hunt would recommend the right software for their needs.

This presented the Software@Work Brand as a technologically advanced one against the competition, plus as a neutral player focussed on delivering the right solution for client needs, consistently every time.
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